Technical Exchange Program Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Manitoba Canada-Technical Exchange Program 2017
Certificate Award Ceremony at Ontario 2017 (ACI, Bashundhara, IFAD)
Reception at HCC-High Commission of Canada 2017
TEAM CIGI in Bangladesh at Bashundhara Food And Beverage Industry Visit and My developed Products Testing September 2018
High Commissioner Speech with Flour Mill Experts from biggest Group March 2019
CIGI-2020 at THE WESTIN Dhaka with Full Team
Canadian International Grains Institute Program at The Westin Dhaka 2020
High Commission of Canada Program Dhaka-March 2022
Trade Commissioner High commission of Canada ICCB Bashundhara November 2022
Cereals Canada Program at The Westin Dhaka December 2022
FIRMS Visits Seed R&D, Plantation, Pest Control, Harvesting, Storage
Visited Niagra Falls as refreshment after busy work
Milling Quality Assurance testing Showning by Manager Milling Norbert Cabral Cereals Canada
Pasta Spaghetti Color Evaluation at Pasta Plant Manitoba Canada
Analysis of Asian Product at Manitoba Canada
Asian Products Evaluation
Ruti Chapati Making at Cereals Canada with Baking Team
Richardson Center Visit Toranto
Training Class Session at University of Manitoba
University of Manitoba Laboratory & Research Center Visit- ACI, Bashundhara, IFAD Team