Business Solution with 20-30% less overhead and Zero (0)Cost Marketing.

FIRMS for Formulation Innovation Research Marketing Safety

We work for Chemical free Nutrition Based Long Shelf Life Products….

R&D Technology from Canada, Europe, China, India, Turkey, Thailand.… Business Solutions under one Umbrella from World of Food Technology Innovation.

We are here to provide you Business guidelines with cost effective in every steps of business. Feasibility-Project Cost- Product Cost-Profit/Loss in Manufacturing-Marketing Channel-Sales solution.

How we work? We have physically onsite visit to Manufacturers, Technology Innovators, Suppliers and our Networks Worldwide to source best quality Raw Materials, Ingredients and Standard Machinery in Less price to decrease process loss & Overhead.

All Experts Under one Umbrella

Highly Skilled Manpower to minimize Overhead Cost. Select Right Person (All rounder in R&D, PD, Compliance QC, QA, Operation), Never Corrupted, Avoid Commission based business/agent during purchase of Machinery and RM, Find Best Quality Raw Materials at less cost. We are doing this 2016 for Biggest Group of Companies. Where success came through this Formula.

Formulation we learn and provide technical support from Canada, USA, Europe, China, India, Thailand. we have a team who have visited for a long period in this respective business solution. Like Spices, Coconut Oil, Tea, Seasoning, Oil-seeds, Ruti/Chapati, Biscuits, Bread, Cake, Pasta, Spaghetti, Milk, Butter, Ghee, Cheese, Curd, Fruits, Juices, Snacks, Frozen Foods, Ice-Cream and many more. We visited Raw materials Grower, Stake holders, Suppliers, Exporters, Mothers Vessel Yards, Machinery Manufacturers, Technology Innovators, Machinery Users, Market visits by road full day to see markets feedback and presence in Canada, China, India, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Middle east etc.

Innovation: After learning from foreign we source alternate quality-full Safe Raw Materials from our locally available source which is good but price is less for our target finished goods for Target customer/Consumers. We make too many trials and lab test to make a customers friendly best quality products with less cost. for specific products you can contact us to see the evidence of this articles and Innovation.

Research: First we select product and Target Customers. Then make a panel with group of people and get feedback by evaluating the products. If there is any modification required we instantly make another sample and get feedback again and fixed the products Recipe, Formulation, Ingredients.

Manufacturing Stage: According to our developed products we design the Manufacturing Process, Plant layout, Select Machinery Manufacturer, Technology Creator to support us for Finished good manufacturing as required by Consumers which is safe and intake with nutrition for fulfill daily energy for human body. In this stage Firstly we can save commission part business 5-10% of Capital Machinery. Second We have well trained Technical manpower where we can save 30-40% Overhead cost. we trained them for specific products like Beverage/Dairy/Snacks/Bakery: We Trained them on Raw Materials, Ingredients, Packaging Materials quality parameter test practically in Laboratory, Then in Production we Trained them for Mixing and preparation of raw Materials. We make skilled how to Operate Mixing machine, set Oven, Sealing Machines and all parameters of process room. How to mix all Ingredients, How to Bake Bakery Item, Fry Snacks Items, Milk Treatment, Cooling Systems, Final Products Packaging and room temperature and related humidity for respective products, We trained them How to Maintain Hygiene, Sanitation, Food Safety in Manufacturing stages. So yo can get skilled manpower with 30-40% less cost. We teach them how to reduce process loss, wastage control, optimum uses of the machinery and manpower, many mores.

Marketing Solution: We have a marketing team and channel to provide very much cost effective from Nutrition+Marketing background of peoples who can provide actual information through their Knowledge to customer. Here we can save 30-40% Marketing and Branding, Sales Promotion Cost to end user and retailers.

Safety/Sales: Our first priority is to maintain Food safety so we source all Raw-materials, Ingredients, Packaging materials from safe source to reduce extra production cost of sorting, grading, return of goods. We ensure quality of all materials before receiving to our production premises with regular vendor premises visits. For Sales Confirmation we talk with Shopkeepers, Retailers, Dealers, Distributors to maintain proper supply according to market demand. We make a policy to stop or reduce market return which is 5-10% of the total Sales.

We work for preservatives or chemical free natural, Halal, Herbal, Organic, Virgin products formulation to solve human problems.

Formulations Innovation Research Marketing Safety/Study. for cost control of your products.

  • Products Developments from Abroad like Canada, Europe, China, India.
  • Plant, Design, Layout, Erection, Commissioning with 15-30 years experienced skilled persons from biggest group’s Top position, also available from world technical partner.
  • For any kind of Food & Agro base products we can provide technical support from Canada, Sweden, Denmark, India, China.
  • We formulate all products to make best quality products with cost minimizing through raw materials and ingredients sourcing from direct manufacturer cum suppliers. We have visited all countries too many manufacturers to find best quality products.
  • Canada-High Gluten Wheat, Canola, Chickpeas, Mustard, Corn etc. Flour milling, Bread Quality, Pasta, Instant Noodles, Spaghetti formulation support with training.
  • India-Spices, seasoning, condiments, herbs base products development support.
  • Europe-Dairy, Milk, Cheese, Ghee, Butter,Curd products development. Bakery-Cake, Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Chips, Spices. Chocolate, Ice-cream, Confectionery products development support.
  • China-Bakery, Noodles, Instant Noodles, Candy products developments supports with machinery.
  • We have ISO Lead Auditors for ISO 9001, 22000, 18001, 45001, HACCP, GMP, GLP, SA8000.
  • One stop service for Laboratory, Design, Setup, Training, manpower support for operation.
  • Coconut Oil, Salt, Sugar, Poultry, Meat, Frozen Food, Tea projects setup support also we can provide from direct manufacturers.